In the laser cladding process, the workpiece is heated with the laser beam. In the meantime, hardfacing materials in either form, powder or wire, are passed through the laser beam and melted on the overlaying workpiece. 


Advantages of Laser Cladding:

  • A narrow heat-affected zone and a fast cooling rate allows an almost stress-free, higher hardness and finer overlay.


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMP06Data Sheet Co-30Cr-4.5W Stellite 6 Data Sheet
TMP12Data Sheet Co-29Cr-8.5W Stellite 12 Data Sheet
TMP21Data Sheet Co-28Cr-5Mo Stellite 21 Data Sheet


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMPN22Data Sheet Ni-2.8Si Deloro 22 Data Sheet
TMPN40Data Sheet Ni-7.5Cr Deloro 40 Data Sheet
TMPN50Data Sheet Ni-11Cr-4Si Deloro 50 Data Sheet
TMPN625Data Sheet Ni-22Cr-9Mo Nistelle 625 Data Sheet