TMetal produces a full line of high-quality, gas-atomized cobalt, nickel, titanium, aluminum, and iron-based metal powders optimized for additive manufacturing. Our powder portfolio provides the material characteristics required for use in multiple industries, including aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, power generation, dental, and biomedical industries, and more.

Our industry-standards procedures ensure that final 3D-Printed parts meet mechanical performance and part specifications. With smooth flow and even deposits of our powders, successive layers are produced with consistent density and uniform build rates. We also make it easy for you to choose from a wide range of particle size distributions or to customize your own.

From production to quality assurance, we support every part you make with optimum performance – high capacity, high efficiency— and low cost.

We can also advise you on your additive manufacturing production. Our expertise and experience will make sure your additive process succeeds.

Download the product datasheets to learn more.


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMP01-AMData Sheet Co-30Cr-12W Stellite 1 Data Sheet
TMP06-AMData Sheet Co-30Cr-4.5W Stellite 6 Data Sheet
TMP12-AMData Sheet Co-29Cr-8.5W Stellite 12 Data Sheet
TMP21-AMData Sheet Co-28Cr-5Mo Stellite 21 Data Sheet
TMP706-AMData Sheet Co-31Cr-4Mo Stellite 706 Data Sheet
TMP-CoCrW-AMData Sheet Co-28Cr-6W N/A Data Sheet
TMP-CoCrMo-AMData Sheet Co-30Cr-6Mo N/A Data Sheet


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMP625-AMData Sheet Ni-22Cr-9Mo Nistelle 625 Data Sheet
TMP718-AMData Sheet Data Sheet


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMP17-4PH-AMData Sheet Fe-17Cr-4.5Ni N/A Data Sheet
TMP18Ni300-AMData Sheet Fe-18Ni-9Co Osprey 18Ni300 Data Sheet
TMP316L-AMData Sheet Fe-16.8Cr-13Ni N/A Data Sheet


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMP-AlSi10Mg-AMData Sheet Al-10Si-0.45Mg N/A Data Sheet
TMP-AlSi12-AMData Sheet Al-12Si-2Cu N/A Data Sheet


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMP-TC4-AMData Sheet Ti-6Al-4V N/A Data Sheet