We understand the importance of stocking the right coatings to meet critical applications and maintain high performance.

TMetal’s wide range of high-quality thermal spraying and welding powders enable you to produce the exact engineered surface–-no matter whether your processes are HVOF (high velocity oxy-fuel), PTA (plasma transferred arc) or laser cladding.

TMetal’s specifically designed cobalt- and nickel-based wires are also available in a wide range of diameters and lengths for MIG (Gas Metal Arc Welding), and TIG (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) processes.

Our expertise, experience and careful analysis for each production combined with the extreme wear, temperature and corrosion resistance levels bring performance to your products and efficiency to your customers.


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMP01Data Sheet Co-30Cr-12W AMPERSINT-2748-00 Data Sheet
TMW01Data Sheet Co-28Cr-12.5W Stellite 1 Data Sheet
TMP06Data Sheet Co-30Cr-4.5W Stellite 6 Data Sheet
TMW06Data Sheet Co-27Cr-4W Stellite 6 Data Sheet
TMP12Data Sheet Co-29Cr-8.5W Stellite 12 Data Sheet
TMW12Data Sheet Co-30Cr-8W Stellite 12 Data Sheet
TMP21Data Sheet Co-28Cr-5Mo Stellite 21 Data Sheet
TMW21Data Sheet Co-28Cr Stellite 21 Data Sheet
TMP706Data Sheet Co-31Cr-4Mo Stellite 706 Data Sheet
TMP190Data Sheet Co-26Cr-14W Stellite190 Data Sheet


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMPN22Data Sheet Ni-2.8Si Deloro 22 Data Sheet
TMPN40Data Sheet Ni-7.5Cr Deloro 40 Data Sheet
TMPN50Data Sheet Ni-11Cr-4Si Deloro 50 Data Sheet
TMPN60Data Sheet Ni-16Cr-4.3Si Deloro 60 Data Sheet
TMPN625Data Sheet Ni-22Cr-9Mo Nistelle 625 Data Sheet
TMW50Data Sheet Ni-13Cr-2.5B Deloro50 Data Sheet
TMW60Data Sheet Ni-15Cr-3.5B Deloro60 Data Sheet


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMP316LData Sheet Fe-16.8Cr-13Ni N/A Data Sheet
TMP17-4PHData Sheet Fe-17Cr-4.5Ni N/A Data Sheet


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMPK120Data Sheet WC-10Co-4Cr JK120,Metco5847 Data Sheet
TMPK135AData Sheet 75Cr3C2-25NiCr JK135 Data Sheet
TMPK135BData Sheet 75Cr3C2-25NiCr JK135 Data Sheet