In the PTA process, a high density plasma arc obtained by ionization of Argon gas passes through the electric arc into the welding by the tungsten electrode (-) and the plasma nozzle (+). Then, the transferred arc produces the energy needed to melt both the base metal and the filler metal and projects the molten metal on the work surface.


Advantages of PTA:

  • Produces tougher overlays
  • Easy automation offers a high degree of reproducibility
  • High powder utilization and low dilution rate
  • Many surface can be produced with various materials to meet special applications


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMP01Data Sheet Co-30Cr-12W AMPERSINT-2748-00 Data Sheet
TMP06Data Sheet Co-30Cr-4.5W Stellite 6 Data Sheet
TMP12Data Sheet Co-29Cr-8.5W Stellite 12 Data Sheet
TMP21Data Sheet Co-28Cr-5Mo Stellite 21 Data Sheet
TMP190Data Sheet Co-26Cr-14W Stellite190 Data Sheet


Name Composition Equivalent Download
TMPN22Data Sheet Ni-2.8Si Deloro 22 Data Sheet
TMPN40Data Sheet Ni-7.5Cr Deloro 40 Data Sheet
TMPN50Data Sheet Ni-11Cr-4Si Deloro 50 Data Sheet
TMPN625Data Sheet Ni-22Cr-9Mo Nistelle 625 Data Sheet