TMetal’s specifically designed cobalt- and nickel- based wires are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths for MIG (Gas Metal Arc Welding), and TIG (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) processes. 

At TMetal, we offer strict specifications and quality assurance to guarantee the physical properties of our wires and to bring reliable performance.

See the wide range of wires we carry below and download their Data Sheets to learn more.


Name Specification Equivalent Download
TMW01Data Sheet AWS A5.21 ERCCoCr-C Stellite 1 Data Sheet
TMR01Data Sheet AWS A5.21 ERCoCr-C Stellite 1 Data Sheet
TMW06Data Sheet AWS A5.21 ERCCoCr-A Stellite 6 Data Sheet
TMR06Data Sheet AWS A5.21 ERCoCr-A Stellite 6 Data Sheet
TMW12Data Sheet AWS A5.21 ERCCoCr-B Stellite 12 Data Sheet
TMR12Data Sheet AWS A5.21 ERCoCr-B Stellite 12 Data Sheet
TMW21Data Sheet AWS A5.21 ERCCoCr-E Stellite 21 Data Sheet
TMR21Data Sheet AWS A5.21 ERCoCr-E Stellite 21 Data Sheet
TMCoStripData Sheet N/A N/A Data Sheet


Name Specification Equivalent Download
TMW50Data Sheet AWS A5.21 ERCNiCr-B Deloro50 Data Sheet
TMR50Data Sheet AWS A5.21 ERNiCr-B Deloro50 Data Sheet
TMW60Data Sheet AWS A5.21 ERCNiCr-C Deloro60 Data Sheet
TMR60Data Sheet AWS A5.21 ERNiCr-C Deloro60 Data Sheet